Tuesday 5 August 2014


A Short Story Collection
Edited by George R.R. Martin

This book is best summed up by Martin in the forward to this book: "everybody loves a rogue" - it's certainly true here. This collection features stories from a wide range of genres and authors, including some of my favourites: Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind), Scott Lynch (The Gentleman Bastard Sequence), Neil Gaiman, Matthew Hughes, and of course, George R.R. Martin himself.

My pick from this collection would definitely be Patrick Rothfuss' story, which features the fan-favourite rogue from the Kingkiller Chronicles, Bast. In it, we finally get to see just what Bast gets up to all day. But my other favourite was Gillian Flynn's - not an author I normally read, but her story was tense with some truly creepy twists.  This was perfect summer reading for me - a great variety of short, intriguing tales with an excellent gallery of amusing, clever rogues.

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