Wednesday 1 October 2014

The Yard: a novel

Here is one that I could not put down even though at times my queezy stomach told me I should. I even contemplated calling in sick to work just to read this book. Alex Grecian uses actual historical characters and places to add to the reality of this story.
Take a step back in time to a place before DNA testing and when it was thought that performing an autopsy with your bare hands was perfectly safe. Fingerprinting was still a very new and unreliable form of identification. Grecian uses vivid and sometimes stomach churning descriptions in this novel. The Yard is the first in the Murder Squad series.
In Victorian London there are twelve detectives known as “The Murder Squad,” whom are given the daunting task to solve a countless number of murders each month. This is a time just after the Jack the Ripper murders and the citizens of London are disappointed in the police force and scared of what may be "out there." The squad is hit hard when one of their own is found murdered. One of my favorite chapters detailed from the murder victims perspective while he was being brutally killed, very gruesome. If you want to know more you’ll need to get yourself down to the library today!

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