Monday, 8 December 2014

I Spy DIY Style; find fashion you love and do it yourself
I spy DIY style
By Jenni Radosevich

I am a lover of DIY. I also appreciate a great deal and this book helps to show you how to create some fun fashion looks for less. With my degree in fashion and my love of sewing I find it easy to transform my thrift store finds into great looks for work and play. I Spy DIY Style has given me some inspiration and helpful tips for my next outfit. Radosevich has brought together a collection of fashion trends from past and present and through simple instructions and easy to follow diagrams readers can recreate these looks. One of my favorite tips from this book is to take a metallic permanent marker and use it to decorate the frame of your sunglasses; so effective and looks great. Radosevich has used easy to find, inexpensive supplies to recreate some wonderful designs. From clothing to accessories you will be able to upgrade your wardrobe at a fraction of the price. And when people ask you, "Where did you get that great piece?" You get to say, "Oh this? I made it!"

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