Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Water for elephants

This is one that outdid the movie. I loved this book. I found that the author really did her homework in researching the life of a circus employee. The circus is a tough life. Living on the road always on the go; traveling from town to town. This book describes what it was like for people of the circus. What might look like a glittery and glossy life of entertainment and excitement is actually filled with blood, sweet and tears. But through it all our main character prevails and even finds love on the road. I especially liked the ending, without spoiling anything our hero follows his heart. I found that the moral of Water for Elephants was dream, follow your heart and be strong. I felt empowered after reading this. There are wonderful images throughout that help with the story. I liked that the story felt as if it was a non-fiction piece.

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