Thursday 30 April 2015

The Museum at Purgatory

By Nick Bantock

Want to try something a little different? Want to try something that is part narrative story and part wonderful collection of art? Then may I reccomend picking up one of Nick Bantock’s books. Nick Bantock is probably best known for the Griffin & Sabine series. His books are filled with his collage style artwork; he combines art mediums to produce beautiful pieces that help to tell the tale. In The Museum at Purgatory Bantock takes the reader into a curious museum currated by the mysterious Non. Non will take us through various rooms of the museum filled with art, curriousities, objects and stories. While readers learn about the curriosities housed within this museum Non learns many things about his own forgotten past. So if you want to try something different please pick up one of Nick Bantock’s books today.

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