Friday 22 May 2015

And Then There Were None

By Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None is one of our Book Club Favourites. As some of you already know I am a fan of a good mystery and this is a classic. I remember watching the movie when I was little and listening to the BBC radio version as a teen; so now I have decided to re-read this time-honoured classic and share my thoughts with you. I enjoyed stepping back in time to a place where there are no cell phones. Agatha Christie's award winning mysteries are time honoured for a reason. This tale is filled with twists and turns and is sure to keep you interested until the end.
Ten strangers have been invited, for the weekend, to be guests at a private estate on a private island by a mysterious host. This sounds like a lovely and exciting getaway but these ten strangers are in for a terrible surprise. As the guests arrive they are led to their rooms but the host is nowhere to be found. On the wall of each room is a nursery rhyme, "Ten Little Soldier Boys." On the dinning table are ten strange figurines of soldiers. The guests settle in for the first evening when a voice, seemingly coming from nowhere, begins to tell of the secret pasts of the guests. It turns out that these guests all have a terrible, murderous secret in their pasts. As the story unfolds our guests begin to die, the soldier figures begin to disappear and our murderer remains a mystery. Is there anyone else on the island? Does the nursery rhyme hold a clue? Who is the host of this morbid party, U.N. Owen?
"Ten little soldier boys went out to dine, one went and choked himself and then there were nine ..."

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