Friday, 12 June 2015

How to be a Parisian Wherever You Are

by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret, and Sophie Mas

I studied fashion and even received a degree in it but I still feel like my style is lacking that certain "je ne sais quoi." I picked up this book on a recommendation from one of our customers here at the library. She is a very stylish woman, you know the kind; elegant, beautiful posture and bold lipstick. My hopes were high for this book; "was I finally going to look as elegant as those Parisian women in the movies?" I read through "How to be a Parisian wherever you are" in one sitting. The four authors have broken up the book into sections which give the reader a French woman's view on style, attitude, relationships, and culture. This romp through the life of a true Parisienne is filled with humour and I found myself giggling out loud quite a few times. There are many tips and tricks including; "Parisian Snobbism," "Classic (and foolproof) French Recipes," and at the back of the book lies a special treat a, address book filled with wondrous places all over Paris. Places where one should take a late night stroll, grab a home cooked meal or shop for vintage treasures. I enjoyed this light read but I have to admit I may still be lacking that certain "je ne sais quoi."


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