Monday 10 November 2014



by Kathleen Winter

Set in the unforgiving landscape of Labrador, Annabel tells the story of a child who is born both male and female.  His father, Treadway, immediately decides the baby will be a boy and his name will be Wayne.  His parents, with the help of the medical community, raise Wayne as a boy and hide the truth about his birth -- even from him.  But as Wayne grows up, it becomes evident that he is not like other boys and he has difficulty fitting into his small northern community.  Eventually Wayne learns the truth from his own body; his female side refuses to be silenced.

This novel is a poignant discussion of gender and identity, and examines the factors that make up who we are.  Family, society and environment help to shape us, but does the true self rise to the surface no matter what the odds?

Thought-provoking and beautifully written.  A great read.

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