Saturday 17 January 2015

Library of the Dead

By Glenn Cooper

This is the first in the Will Piper series by Glenn Cooper. In Library of the Dead Cooper has demonstrated that, through a great deal of research, he can put together a novel full of twists and turns and span the depths of time. I very much appreciate an author who can create a world that the reader can get completely lost in. Because of all of the real life facts and people throughout this story there were times when I felt that this ride I was on could be based in reality. I loved all of the conspiracy theories that are mentioned. Our main character isjust about to retire when he is given an interesting case to investigate. The FBI have asked Will Piper to investigate the Doomsday Killer; a mass murderer who is on the loose in NYC. Piper begins to unlock closely guarded government secrets that bring him to an underground library filled with centuries old truths.

I have to admit that the reason I picked up this book was the title. I am glad that I did. This mystery/thriller moves fast and kept me up researching many of the theories that Cooper references.
Other Will Piper mysteries include; Book of Souls and The Keepers of the Library.


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