Saturday 20 February 2016

The Memory of Light
The Memory of Light
By Francisco X. Stork

I just finished reading an advanced copy of this book. I know that it is a YA book but I wanted to recommend it for parents and adults as well. Francisco Stork has tackled the world of mental illness in a very real and sensitive way. I would recommend this to teens and parents alike. The Memory of Light gives insight into the minds of teens dealing with mental illness. In a world where mental illness is not always taken seriously Stork has written a novel that delves into the reality of depression, schizophrenia and substance abuse in teen life. Friends brought together during their stay at a hospital learn ways to cope and strategize in order to make it through each day. Our main character, Vicky, seems to have it all and according to the outside world she has no reason to be depressed or suicidal. Stork shines a light on the fact that depression is an illness like diabetes and may need treatment and medication, it should not be ignored or belittled. There are also some helpful tips and hotlines for readers to contact if they need. The Memory of Light is available as an audio book on Hoopla and I have ordered a copy of the book for our shelves.

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