Friday 4 March 2016

Orange is the New Black
Orange is the New Black
By Piper Kerman

Usually I like to read the book before I watch the show but in this case I went a little backwards. Orange is the New Black, the Netflix show, is one of my favourites, I had not even thought that it was a book first so when I saw it on our library shelves I snatched it up right away.
My favourite part of the book is that I get more details about Pipers past and readers get a deeper understanding into Piper's thought process. The reality of the situation that Piper found herself in is written out in dreadfully fine points.
For those who have not seen the show Orange is the New Black is the true story of a young woman who's past has caught up with her. When she was in her 20's Piper Kerman was looking for a little adventure after she graduated from college. She found this in a girlfriend who introduced her to international travel, fine dining and the world of drug smuggling. Piper escapes the world of drugs and makes a very different life for herself with a career, boyfriend, and comfortable home until, one day, a knock come to her door. Piper is arrested for a crime that happened a decade prior. This is the story of Piper Kerman and how she deals with life behind bars, the other woman that she meets and the reaction of her family and friends on the outside.
Richmond Public Library also has this book available in many forms, not just hard cover but also; audio book on Hoopla, audio book from Overdrive, Large type, and e-book.

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